client: Zer Moduz colective 
Lleaning bar

In the hustle and bustle of cities, parks become escape routes, a temporary refuge amidst the urban jungle. This concept stems from the idea of creating a space for these fleeting pauses, where one can stop, observe, and reflect.

The Pausa collection is the result of observing how humans interact with our urban environment, how in the midst of daily rush, we find improvised places to rest, even if only for brief moments. It serves as a design support to facilitate movement, contemplation, and, why not, sociability.

Pausa consists of a straight section and a curved one, providing the piece with essential versatility in an urban setting. Each section connects through the intermediate wooden pieces, offering endless possibilities for taking a break.

Part of the process of creating Pausa: sketches, models, construction layouts, prototyping

Pausa leaning bar was part of the exhibition hosted by zer moduz collective in San Sebastian-Donostia 

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